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we are life long learnersRiver City Believers Academy is dedicated to preparing students at each developmental stage with the building blocks to achieve a productive and successful future. The lessons learned at RCBA extend far beyond any classroom or backpack; the programs at RCBA equip students with the lifelong skills to think critically and discern truth. 

Every facet of student life reflects this mission. Our faculty, staff and coaches model it. The programs at RCBA challenge our students academically, spiritually and physically and develop in them the skills, knowledge and wisdom necessary to lead fruitful lives that are glorifying to God. 

We accomplish this mission through a strong and integrated academic program. From PreK through twelfth-grade, students are taught that God is the author of truth, that Jesus Christ fully embodied God’s truth and that all subjects or disciplines originate from His creation and lead to a fuller service of Him and His world.

Our highly-qualified, certified, and committed teachers are dedicated to the spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth of your student. Our faculty are not just dispensers of information; they are mentors and role models who develop authentic relationships with RCBA students.

Our promise to you:

We will know your child.
We will love your child.
We will prepare your child.

Discover RCBA, and help your child reach new heights in faith and learning.

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