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Journalism gives students a tool to engage constructively and productively with what’s going on in their lives by figuring out what makes a good story and learning how to tell it. Journalism class helps students to boost their critical thinking skills and give value to student publishing. It goes far beyond teaching students how to write and edit. It offers a platform for discussion of ideas in ways that may not be available otherwise.
Students bring a unique perspective to local, national, and even global events by keeping their focus through a Christian world-view. That means not limiting coverage to school sports or student council meetings. 

Students are always looking for a local angle to have meaningful conversations around.
In order to become successful media creators, students need a tool kit of strategies and techniques that go beyond the basics. It starts with teaching students how to gather information and convey it concisely, whether it is through the school newspaper, Chronicles, or the annual yearbook. 

The journalism program naturally creates opportunities for students to grow into leadership roles at RCBA and beyond. 

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