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Visual Arts

At River City Believers Academy, we strive to cultivate the innate creativity ingrained in every student. As people created in the image of a creative God, the Visual Arts Department offers a variety of classes that engage our students, capture their imaginations, and ignite their desire to connect with the world as creative and independent thinkers. 

Our classes are designed to  help students learn to think and work as artists. We run an open art room based on the Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) philosophy. We teach the concepts and techniques but it is up to the students to design the projects that will best bring their idea to fruition. At the high school level, this means the student has the ability to interpret projects using their medium(s) of choice. This allows students the ability to communicate their ideas in their own voice though critical thinking allowing them the liberty to experiment. 

Visual Arts students also have the opportunity to develop an awareness that art is to be understood in the framework of history and culture. It is our goal that through making art, students will gain an understanding of the world and themselves, and an ability to communicate their ideas in multiple ways.

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