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Parent Partners

If you are a parent of a student at RCBA, then you are a Parent Partner! As you visited with Mr. Land during your enrollment interview, or spoke to the Admissions Coordinator or classroom teacher, you undoubtedly heard how much we depend upon and rely upon partnerships with parents to accomplish the goals of our school. God has given you a child or two or three whom you have committed to raising with the Truth of of Scripture as your foundation. You also have found a body of Believers somewhere nearby that are like family to you. Your commitment to regular fellowship and spiritual growth with accountability from other like-minded Believers puts you in regular contact with those who know your family and who can come alongside you when you need help. Finally, you have partnered with RCBA, and we with you, to accomplish what God has already begun in the lives of your children. We are honored to teach your children and teach them to think with a Christian world so they are prepared to navigate the world that will be in opposition to them.

Parter by volunteering. But first, partner with us in prayer. Pray for our students, teachers, staff, and Administration. We desire to be Christ-like role models for every person on campus. We also need partners to help us rally the Soldiers when we have school-wide events and performances. It takes an army to present a Gala Night, a Christmas Program, and a Spring Spotlight on the Arts. It also takes lots of hands to hold little ones on field trips, to make baked goods, to greet guests at our doors and to be the hands and feet of Jesus on our campus. Please take note of every opportunity we provide to assist with volunteering. We really can't accomplish our goals without you. 

As partners, we also desire your honest feedback and conversations. Partnering with us doesn't only mean in a service project. It also means in our mission and our vision. If you feel our vision is getting hard to see, or if we seem off track in some area, please come talk with us. Talk with the people directly involved first, whether that be a parent, or teacher, or student. If you still need clarification or further help, please then reach up to Administration. We want to hear from you. We will listen. We will consider, and we will act. We want you to find everyone at RCBA approachable, humble, empathic, and teachable. We are here for you, and we thank you for your partnership. 


Classroom Commanders (K-5th)

Think of a somewhat traditional "classroom mom", and you've got the main idea of our RCBA Soldiers Classroom Commanders. Each of our teachers function most effectively when their Classroom Commander is available to help assist with the myriad of activities, field trips, crafts, costumes, and miscellaneous details that are involved outside of instructional class time. Commanders can be organizers, delegators, servants, phone callers, or even prayer support for a busy teacher who desires to make every day excellent and especially personal for each student. Classroom Commanders are the partners K-5th grade teachers need to help make programs and plans extra special and well executed. Does that sound like you? Reach out to your classroom teacher and volunteer to be a Classroom Commander!


Parent Connections Team

Are you interested in welcoming new families to RCBA? Remember all the questions you had when you first came to the school? The RCBA Connections Team is comprised of RCBA families ready to welcome new families and to help them experience a smooth transition during their first year with us. Members of the Team will call new families and welcome them to RCBA, invite new families to the Back to School Picnic and help them meet teachers and staff. The Connections Team also helps assist new families if they need help learning their way around Parents Web,, tracking volunteer hours, or really confusing things like where to park on campus! No matter what the individual need, the Parent Connections Team is available to help each family make a strong connection with the school. Interested in serving on this team? Send an email right now and let us know. We'll get you connected quickly!