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Family Events

back to school picnic

Back to School Picnic

Saturday, August 12,  11 - 1
at the RCBA Pavilion
$5 per family


One of our favorite traditions at RCBA is our back to school picnic the Saturday before school starts. It's an event for the whole family to enjoy - a school wide event for all grades. You will have the opportunity to visit with teachers and classmates, administrators and coaches, all in their casual picnic attire. It's fun to see coaches in flip flops and teacher in shorts and ball caps and t-shirts. For students, it's a real connection time that helps them feel more welcomed, safe, and secure before school officially begins. For parents, it's a great time to make connections with teachers, ask questions, and partner with them for the school year. 

 Please bring a $5 donation to cover lunch for your whole family. Bring your cameras for a great back to school photo opp with teachers and friends. It will be on the warm side, but the breeze that blows through the Pavilion will help...along with a few fun water games on the side for the kids. (Be prepared - some teachers may be armed with concealed water guns that may be whipped out at any moment!) Come meet the teachers, coaches, student council, and a whole lot of beautiful people we call Family at RCBA. It takes an army to execute a great event like this. Will you volunteer to help us? Please contact Candido Garcia (Mr. G) at if you would like to help. See you at the picnic!