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2016-17 Soldier Soccer Coaches

Mr. G
Candido Garcia
Athletic Director
Coach Rodriguez
Will Rodriguez
Soccer Coach
Coach Lilly
Kevin Lilly
Soccer Coach

RCBA Soldiers begin soccer this year.

The Soldiers Middle School Co-Ed Soccer team is going to kick off the year with some great goals.

1. We will build a unified team by working together and taking the game seriously. Soccer will be fun, but we will be competitive.

2. We will work as a team. We will lean on each other and learn to trust.

3. We will increase our strength and stamina by practicing and running regularly. We will be proud and we will be fit.

4. We will maintain a high grade-point average so that we will remain strong academically and strong on the field. We will develop our time-management as we balance studying academics and preparing for competitions. 

5. We will build a foundation for lasting friendships. We will create great memories together.

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Upcoming Soccer Games