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Criteria for Re-enrollment

  • Tuition, fees, and other account balances must be current before re-enrollment.

  • Students must have maintained an overall grade of 70 or higher or they will either be placed on academic probation the following fall semester, or not be allowed to re-enroll.

  • Students must have demonstrated a cooperative attitude toward the faculty and staff, their school work, the rules and policies, and toward their peers.

  • Families must demonstrate a continued commitment to spiritual growth by being a recognized attender/member of a local church.

Re-enrollment Steps

  1. To request re-enrollment, families will use their RenWeb account and complete an online re-enrollment packet.

  2. Families will be asked to submit a current pastoral recommendation form, which is part of the online re-enrollment packet. (Pastoral email address will be asked for during the online process, and recommendation forms will be sent and received back automatically).

  3. All online re-enrollment packets are dated and will be reviewed by Administration before re-enrollment decisions are granted.

  4. In some cases, re-enrollment will be granted immediately, in others, additional steps to the re-enrollment process will be required.

  5. It is important that families begin the online re-enrollment as early as possible, as some classes may fill to capacity. In order to be in best standing for re-enrollment, all above criteria must be met and all online requests for information must be received. Re-enrollments will then be assessed in the order in which they are received. A waitlist will be created for grades which reach capacity.

  6. Once an offer of re-enrollment is extended and accepted, families will be billed either the discounted early re-enrollment fee, or they will pay the regular enrollment fee after the early deadline has passed.

  7. Tuition and fees will be billed through your FACTS account beginning in July, or immediately upon enrollment thereafter.

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(Early Re-enrollment for the 2017-18 School Year opens February 2017)